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To ensure a fair and transparent processing of your personal data, we require your Opt-In to further process your data for recruitment purposes, where data refers to your personal information such as your name, phone number and email address.

We assure you that your data will be used only to hire candidates for your organisation. 

As data controller, we may be sending your data to Zoho Recruit's resume parser, external applications that have been integrated with Zoho Recruit, other users processing your data, and our clients (or hiring departments). 

Your data will be retained for only as long as it is necessary which includes our legal obligations for retaining dataOn occasions where there is a requirement to extend the retention of your data, we would be asking for your Opt-In again, if required.

For details on the Rights, refer here

If you wish to access/ update/ correct your data, kindly write to

"I understand that Slingshot Education Limited is the Controller and Zoho Recruit is the Processor of my data. Slingshot Education Limited and its affiliates will use my data only for the purposes mentioned above and retain it only as long as they are required to. I understand that I can request access to my data by writing to the email address above. I agree that my data can be processed by Slingshot Education Limited and Zoho Recruit, for recruitment and/or selection processes."
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